3G+ Rules

I am fully vaccinated or recovered - do I need to be tested first?
o Yes. Vaccinated and recovered persons must bring a negative antigen rapid test result from an official testing center, which must be no more than 48 hrs old. Important for vaccinated people: Vaccination must be COMPLETE --> from 14 days after second vaccination.


Why do I have to be tested even though I am fully vaccinated or recovered?
o Since even vaccinated or recovered people can carry and spread the virus, we have decided that testing is mandatory in this case as well. The tests are free of charge as part of the citizen testing for German citizens and are usually completed within a few minutes.


I am vaccinated/vaccinated and can't manage to get tested before going to the club. What should I do?
o Very limited rapid testing facilities are available at the club. Please use these only in exceptional circumstances and get tested beforehand if possible. The test results in general can be up to 48 hrs old.


In what form can I prove my vaccinated or recovered status?
o In order to process the admission as quickly as possible, have your Covid certificate ready as a QR code (Corona Warn App / CovPass App), if available. However, we also accept classic paper proofs (e.g. vaccination certificate, PCR test).


I am unvaccinated - do I need to get tested first?
o Yes. Unvaccinated persons must bring a negative PCR test result from an official testing center, which must not be older than 48 hours. A rapid antigen test is not sufficient. No PCR test can be performed on site. The tests can be performed e.g. at


Why do I have to take a PCR test as an unvaccinated person instead of a rapid antigen test?
o This is the state requirement within the current Corona Protection Ordinance.


Will a student ID card suffice as proof of testing?
o No. All testing must be done at official testing sites.


I have mild/medium/severe symptoms of illness, can I still come?
o No. Please stay home if you have a cough, for example, to protect yourself and everyone else. We also reserve the right to use our house rules in case of any suspicion and to deny admission.


How does the admission work?
o First there is the Covid check, so please have your proof & test ready for this. Afterwards you will go to the security and ticket control as usual.

Do I have to get tested in Germany?
o Any official testing station is okay - so you can also get tested e.g. in the Netherlands. In best case the testing station provides a international QR code with the result.



Can I resell/give away/give away my ticket?
o Yes. To do so, the ticket must be repersonalized via the personal area at You will find the link in the ticket mail.


Are hard tickets available?
o Currently there are no hardtickets sold.


Is there a box office?
o Basically yes - but the events are in such high demand that they will often be sold out in advance. So we strongly recommend using the online presale. Sold Out --> No box office

I bought a ticket from someone; how do I re-personalize it now?
o Please contact the seller directly. Re-personalization is done via the link in the original ticket email. In case of emergency, please contact



Do I have to wear a mask?
o Until the Corona Check, masks and distance are mandatory throughout the grounds. After the Corona Check you may remove your mask, this also applies in the club and the outdoor area. There is also no distance obligation in the club. However, we still ask that you observe the usual rules of conduct, such as coughing and sneezing into the crook of your arm.


Is there a checkroom?
o Yes, the checkroom is open on a regular basis.